Fine Tuned

Fine Tuned Samples from Ryan Wolff on Vimeo.

A collection of visual effects shots from a short film entitled “Fine Tuned” about a software developer who teams up with his teen-aged, aspiring rock star neighbor to write a hit song.The 1st group of shots (and last clip) feature waveform clips created in After Effects, using motion tracking, 3D surfaces, and waveform visualization.

The second clip is basic green screen replacement with graphics created in Photoshop and After Effects. The second shot in the sequence also utilized 3D motion tracking for the green screen replacement.

The 3rd clip is a composite of 3 different tracking shots blended together in After Effects to create the illusion that the camera is flying through the wall and into the apartment next door.

The 4th clip features time lapse photography, motion tracking and graphics all created in After Effects